Nvidia Card desired for OpenGL Software .. but Intel HD Graphics dominates

Nvidia is the desired graphics card for the OpenGL C++ program yet fails to appear.
How can I achieve this?
Intel integrated graphics appears to win.
The question remains I would still enjoy help …
I still believe there is a better answer
but here is a little progress yet to be tested
Disclaimer … not the only or best answer

Use the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel (Intel GMCP) … Distinct from Nvidia Control Panel on my computer
In Intel GMCP Click on 3D and then unselect check box
[ clear ] Application Optimal Mode.
After this interaction … my opengl c++ programs was able to see the NVidia card
I have not proved this … I do not understand the presence of the Nvidia and Intel Control panel
I have not even proved the process is reversible … I cannot even reverse the steps to get back to the problem
This is just a survival technique
I hoping someone will be able to explain all this with their previous experiences

Failure Note for perhaps a chuckle
I tried to disable only the Intel integrated graphics the bad result was neither NVidia nor Intel worked on reboot.

Windows 7 MSI Nvidia 670m notebook mobile with Intel 4000 integrated low end
The technique that has given me some results is
Internet Search Engine (I do not like to promote Seach Engines … my choice rhymes with Bling)
words … opengl nvidia not intel
Result at Intel

inspected by this software
for (auto x : openglproperty)
const GLubyte * ns{ glGetString(x) };
if (nullptr != ns) std::cout << ns << std::endl;

Steps I have taken.
I have used the Nvidia control panel to set the global preference.
This allowed OpenGL Extension Viewer 3.0 to see nvidia card … but not my program.

I pressed the Turbo Button on computer if that makes any difference
I saw some reference here for

extern “C” {
_declspec(dllexport) DWORD NvOptimusEnablement = 0x00000001;
I am not quite sure where that would go.

I have seen this thread
perhaps I do not know how to use that information.

I am launching program from
Windows 7 and Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop

Thanks in advance for the Answer.