nvidia and opengl

I have a GeForce2 MX200 pci as a second video card. When I move one particular application window to the second monitor I get the following error:
“nVidia OpenGL Driver
Driver components mis-match. Exit is the only option”.
Its a java application. Can anyone help?

What primary card do you have?
I have similiar problems with my following config:
Secondary card: GeForce 2 Ti (latest Detonator drivers)
Primary card: an obsolete PCI S3 Trio 64
WinXP Pro

Under XP (and under Win 2000), everytime I want to use any OpenGL application (and games as Q3A or so), I first have to deactivate my S3 card in the control panel. I guess that’s a problem with the consumer detonator drivers, as Direct3D apps work without problems.
I don’t have that problem in Windows 9x or Linux.

BTW: I had to make the S3 the primary card because Windoze XP wouldnt be able to initialize the pci card with my agp card as primary.

Yes , you must do that unless the application do not call win api to get the screen resolution and stuff , if it does that , u´ll probably get a driver error

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Hey Wooly ! ! !, hi !, i have that same pci video card, and xp on my p3 550 and i cant find the correct driver so that i can configure it into 1024 x 768 px, and only can get it up to 16 bits, NOT 32 BITS !,… GRRRRR, do you now where to find this drivers ?..
Did you have the same problem ?
tnx 4 your answer.

SORRY, the card i’m talking about is S3 DIAMOND-TRIO 64.

I had similar problems. After endless fiddling I rolled the driver back from the current version back to (which I beleive came with XP). This seems to fix it.

Weird but true.

I had odd problems with Java AWT displays. Notably with JBuilder 7.