nVidia 41.09 (and lower) freezes when running as root


Have anyone else experienced that the system
tends to lock up extremely easily when running applications using OpenGL as root or setuid root?

The application I’m developing needs to use pbuffers, so it seems the freezes happen on one
of the first uses of the offscreen pbuffer (glXMakeCurrent)

This works great when running as a regular user BTW.

The reason why I need setuid root is because I need to use real-time scheduling and I need
to up the priority of one small thread.

If anyone knows how to change to real-time scheduling SCHED_RR or SCHED_FIFO wiithout having to be setuid root, or otherwise have to have full superuser privileges for this operation, I would greatly appreciate it!

I have played around with seteuid to change
away from being root (when done with the priority changes), but I still have the
same freezes then. (probably the OpenGL library is initialized as root, is my guess)

Thanks anyone,

  • Torgeir :slight_smile:

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