Does anyone know if this will support ARB_fragment_program? From running the emulator and checking the extensions string, i find it only supports NV_fragment_program.
Is there an emulator that will support ARB_fp?
At the moment i have a geforce4 and doesnt look like i will be getting a new card for a while. But i want to start learning fragment programs before then.
Also i dont know what kind of card i will be getting next so i think it is best to use ARB_fp and not NV_fp.

Are you running recent drivers?

– Tom

I’m using 41.09. I think maybe they are a little old.

If I remember correctly, ARB_fp first appeared in linux drivers 41.91. On windows, it wasn’t available on 41.xx.

Get 43.xx ASAP, as they have ARB_vbo too.


Yeah, I got the 43.45 and everything is cool (but slow).