NV40 emulator & NV_vp3

As you know, in detonaotr 51.75 exist a emulator of NV40, which called “Stinger”.

I’m just test it with basic VP:

#Transform vertex to clip space
DP4 o[HPOS].x, c[128], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].y, c[129], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].z, c[130], v[OPOS];
DP4 o[HPOS].w, c[131], v[OPOS];

MUL o[COL0], v[COL0],c[0];


and recieve error after first DP4:
invalid operation:>>o[HPOS].x, c[128], v[OPOS];

Any ideas?
(bugs, syntax is changed or something more?)

You need to enable Nv40 emulation, do you know how to do that?

nvemulate 0x28

//0x28 = 40 :slight_smile: - Thanks to Unwider (creator of RivaTuner)

But this is really strange:

I find a code, which is workig with NV_vp3:
it use syntax from ARB_vp.

May be emulator doesn’t emulate NV40 correctly, or Nvidia want to chnage a syntax to ARB similar(imagine - all ARB_vp developers can use his code without modification)…

Sure, it is necessary to check on other detonator 50 drivers…

It was a problem of NV40 emulator…It doesn’t have any stable code :-(…