Does anyone know how do use this Extention, on wich grafic cards I can use this Extention or where I can find a good Documentation / Tutorial about it?

If you want, I can send example code.
But this extension is supported only by
non official 7.17 Detonator.

I’m grateful for any information about that extention. It seems do be a very interesting function.
Please send it to

Thanks a lot

We have a fair amount of documentation about it (and about DX8 vertex shaders, which are the same thing) on our developer web site.

  • Matt


If you are talking about the nvidia site.
I already had a look at this site, but I didn’t understand very much. So I’m looking for a simple example or a tutorial.

I didn’t find any infourmation on which grafic cards this extention can be used.

The program language isn’t too hard to understand, only simple asm code.
But I counld’t realy find out how to compile the asm code, and how to put the code into the grafic card.

Thanks for your reply