NV_vertex_program to ARB

Is anyone aware of a tool that can translate one program into another.

I did it manually but maybe I have bugs?
I ran my ARB version both on ATI and NV and both give screwed up geometry, however the result is not the same, which is odd.

While I’m at it , anyone know a Pixel Shader (1.4 and 2.0) to ARB_fragment_program converter?

I still haven’t understood what the “+”
in front of instructions means in PS

  • means co-issue. The instructions will run in parallel and count as one. It’s basically only possible to do when one instruction works on rgb and the other works on alpha.


IRC there is the possibility to cross compile various shader file formats, including NV_vp -> ARB_vp, PS 1.X -> ARB_fp, probably you have to dig a little bit in the source and tinker to make a command line version of a cross compiler.

for more information ask Asgard, the creator of the Xengine

just browsed the cvs tree biefly, there is a NV_vp -> ARB_vp file in there, but i didn’t test it

You mean this

xengine / XEngine / include / LexerParser / Attic /

It says files removed.

I dont see much else there. Of course, there are plenty of files.

nearly, these file(s) tricked me also in first place

these should be the current ones, i just studied them a little bit, it seems that you’ll need plenty of other files from varius directories to make NVvp->ARBvp compiler