Nv_path_rendering relevant in Vulkan?

Is the fine-grained control that Vulkan brings fine enough that nv_path_rendering can be implemented with standard Vulkan and shaders, or is there still a “driver” component that needs to exist?


I think there is similar Vulkan extension: VK_EXT_line_rasterization

Line rasterization isn’t even close to the capabilities of path_rendering. Line rasterization is about making line rasterization not-terrible. Path rendering is like SVG path elements, with all of their filling capabilities and such (though you have to implement the fill yourself in fragment shaders).

Ok. Sounds bit high-level.
Might as well introduce whole programmable rasterization stage.

I guess Compute shader can technically do anything…
Then again better to just use domain specific library\middleware and let them worry about it.

PS: for that matter, one could just use the OpenGL stuff and import the memory. But I assume only NV would support the extension…

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