NV_fragment_program question


due to poor performance of my GF FX once ARB_fragment_program is used, I try to work through using NV_fragment_program instead.

But I have difficulties just right from the start, not even the simplest program seems to work, and I am not even sure if the program loader is working correct also (I use the same as for ARB_fragment_program and there it works, for NV_… I simply put a (GLubyte*)<name> into the glLoadProgramNV command).

So can someone please please post an example of a working NV_fragment_program so that I can at least test if the loader is working, and have something to start with?

And what are the things that have to be regarded when optimizing fragment programs for speed? With standard OpenGL lighting, the program runs at about 166 fps, with ARB_fragment_program used, it drops down to about the half of that. Is that avoidable at all?


The performance may drop because of the float precision in fragment program

oh… seems like I fixed it. quite embarassing. The fp file just had the wrong filename .