nv effects browser 2.0

I know that this is offtopic and I should email nvidia, but I have never gotten a response from them via email.

Has anyone downloaded the 2.0 effects browser and gotten it to work? I’m trying it under win2k with 12.4 drivers and a geforce 3 and almost every effect crashes the program. The opengl ones are particularly bad

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

– Zeno

Nevermind, the 12.20 drivers work great


I’m trying to download it!

Them 12.40 drivers baad then? Oh dear…


How can I get the 12.20 drivers?

where are you getting those drivers?

I’m still running the versions, 12.01 from your numbering scheme I guess… Since the registered developer site went down I have not found a good place to get drivers that I trust…


Try 3dchipset.com . They have a database of 3d card drivers that they keep rather current.


[edit - by the way, on 3dchipset.com, all of the Nvidia 12.xx drivers are appropriately in the ‘beta’ section.]

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I am running the nvEffectsBrowser 2.0 under Win2K Service Pack 2 (released today !) with Detonator 12.40 and everything works perfectly…

I run an ELSA Erazor X2 (GeForce DDR)… Should be able to test my Gladiac 920 in a few days (hopefully).

You might want to enable the OGL_NV20Emulate trick to see all the effects though (most of them are so slow that there is no point trying but that is funny !). Actually, perhaps the crashes are due to a bad checking of OGL extensions (I would be surprised but who knows…).



Well, I deactivated the “Ogl_NV20Emulate” flag and the nvEffectsBrowser still works perfectly: I mean, it does not crash ! It jsut says “The effect couldn’t initialize”.

Zeno, what OS and card are you using ?



>>I’m still running the versions, 12.01 from your numbering scheme I guess

Isn’t that the 6.50 ones, the lasts official drivers? My driver says 5.<blah>.12x0, I’m running the 12.x0 drivers, where x=“don’t remember”, but I think x=2

I’m glad to hear that the 12.40 drivers are working for some people. Maybe it was just the reinstall that fixed mine?

bsenftner - I’m getting the drivers from 3dchipset.com, as funk-dat said. You’re drivers are indeed very old - version 6.50.

Eric - I mentioned my OS and card in the first post . Maybe the reason yours works but mine doesn’t is the GF3.

Thanks for the input everyone!

– Zeno

12.40 drivers? I’d like to get something a little more uptodate than the 11.01 drivers I have. Unfortunately, the NVidia developer’s website is STILL supposedly down.

How the hell am I supposed to get officially unofficial drivers now?

Matt? Cass? Any idea on whats going on with the devsite?

BTW: For everyone using “leaked” drivers… usually those drivers are ripped from a vendor driver - like Elsa, and they’re not reference drivers.


Thanks everyone about info on where to get the updated beta drivers.

About the registered developer’s site:
I spoke with the Nvidia “Senior Product Manager” today at E3, asking about what was up with the registered developer’s site being down for so long. He said that it is actually not down, but they had removed all accounts and reinstalled the system, adding back accounts that (I’m reading between the lines here) were actively used. So those people that have not made it back into their system are supposed to send them email requesting accounts again. When I asked why the developer’s page still says the site is down, he just sorta mumbled…

Anyway, that’s the skinny on that.


p.s. Finally, FINALLY I get to play with those damm pBuffers! I first heard about the stupid suckers YEARS ago!

Ya, Pbuffers are very cool, I wrote a dynamic cubic environment mapping demo and I used pbuffers to generate the cubemap each frame, its quite fast even with 1024x1024 cubemap textures (2048x2048 is umm… slow).

NV Effects browser 2.0 runs great on my GeForce3 with 12.40 drivers. Didn’t crash once, I’ve had the old one crash on me a couple of times.

Jason A.