NV driver bug confirmation requested

I have encountered a weird behavior when Im rendering GL_LINES while line stippling is enabled. It crashes when I move the line outside of the viewport.

An invalid value is being loaded into register eax and being used for referencing. Sometimes its 1 and sometimes its 17. The crash occurs in nvogl driver.

I have uploaded a small CPP file that shows the problem.


I’m guessing no one had the problem?


I’ll try it myself tonight if you wish?

edit: The link does not work.

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Just tried your demo. Works fine for me, even when moving the stippled line out of the viewport. No crashes.

Edit: Running on a GF4 Ti4200 with 40.72 drivers.

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You have to right click on the link and choose save as.

I consistently get a crash in the release drivers (30.83) on a Gf 2, but the card shouldn’t matter me thinks.

I patched it by using textures to simulate the stipple in my code.


Seems to be a driver bug then that got fixed in the newer ones. Just upgrade your drivers.