I’m learning to draw B-splines curves. So right now I have 5 points and a curve connecting the two endpoints. But what I really wanted was for the curve to go through all the control points. So does that mean I need to draw many segments of curves so that each point I want the curve to go through must be the endpoints of a curve segment? I’m using gluNurbCurve.

Thank you!

Hi !

The spline will not go through the control points, you can’t do that, if you do want to have the spline go through the control points you must interpolate the curve, OpenGL does not have support for this so you need to use a spline/nurb library that can handle this or create the code yourself, take a look at for example GUL on sourceforge (I think the name has changed, but search on nurb and you should find it).


So what I’m trying to do is given a bunch of points, I want to draw curves across them to create a music visualization kinda drawing. What would be the best way to do that using openGL? I don’t have to use NURBS or whatever.