NURBS help

does anyone know where can i find a tutorial, doc… explaining the glu NURBS and the math used by it (control points…)?


Hi !

There are some tutorials out there, search on google, but the best thing is to get a book I think, for example “The NURBS Book” by Les Piegl and Wayne Tiller, but there are other to.

A do think Apple has a good nurb doc on a webiste somewhere, but I don’t remeber the url.


gluNurbs is built on Evaluators. It works by turning the NURBS surfaces into Bezier patches. It is very slow though. You can look at the Mesa source to see what goes on in gluNurbs. There is an articale on about tessellating your own NURBS surfaces. It is using directX though, but you can convert it to gl fairly easily…

thank you guys.
i found the tutorial and the sample code so i’ll study them now.