NURBS and Tesselation question......

Hi! I’m just wondering if anyone has any examples of where NURBS and Tesselation have been used in complicated real-time Video games… They seem rather computationally expensive…

Has anyone here ever used them in real time?

I’m quite sure nobody uses opengl nurbs and opengl tesselation in videogames.
No, I’m not got mad, I know quake 3 have curved surfaces, but I think they calculate 'em by themself, not using OpenGL functions.
I’ve seen lot of people using quadrics.
Also tesselation in videogames is not used at all, coz you are drawing your objects with an editor, they aren’t results of calulations o wathever.
Did u noticed that Milkshape lets you draw triangles and not polylines ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: