Number of polygons

Does someone know how much is the number of polygons per frame that today’s games are using (without T&L support)? I would really appreciate something like “game-title: number of polygons per frame”. Thanks…

Hi !

I have no idea, I don’t think it’s easy to give a straight answer on this anyway, if you have a look at most games you will see that the number of polygons are still pretty low, most of the stuff is texture tricks to make it look better, but as I said I don’t have a clue.


I don’t have any idea, too, but here’s how you could measure it : maybe you can find a tool that measures the number of calls to glVertex3f, for example…
Then divide this number by 3 and you have the number of tris per second… then divide this number by the number of fps and you get what you wanted.

I’m not sure that it will work…

Wouldn’t help much, even if you could count them unless you have the source code, you must track it for each frame, ok you could look for a swapbuffer call or something, but then you have the problem with triangle strips and fans…


Intel has a tool which does all this. It’ll even give you a histogram of number of tris over several frames, tris per tristrip, quads, lines, points, state changes, textures etc. It intercepts everything and then gives you a graph you can analyse over time.

It’ll let you change the graphics state to show depth complexity, primitives and numerous other modes.

I think a Q3 level is about 40’000 triangles, but most are occluded at any one time and many are simplified with lod procedures.

I read somewhere that Star Trek Armada uses around 400-500 triangles per unit. I am not sure how reliable my source is since I forgot where I read it.

I didn’t read the forum for a long time and I hardly could find my topic…
But thanks for all the answers.

Our game will be an isometric rpg. I plan to use about 10000 (clipped, culled) polys per frame at 30 fps. What do you think about it? Will it look as good as todays games?