NULL pointers retrieved when querying GL_KTX_buffer_region's functions

There is not much information out here about the GL_KTX_buffer_region extension, so my problem is probably due to the fact that I don’t specify the right strings when querying the functions.

Here’s what I do:
glNewBufferRegion = (GLuint ()(GLenum))wglGetProcAddress(“glNewBufferRegionEXT”);
glDeleteBufferRegion = (void (
glReadBufferRegion = (void ()(GLuint, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei))wglGetProcAddress(“glReadBufferRegionEXT”);
glDrawBufferRegion = (void (
)(GLuint, GLint, GLint, GLsizei, GLsizei, GLint, GLint))wglGetProcAddress(“glDrawBufferRegionEXT”);
glBufferRegionEnabled = (GLuint (*)(void))wglGetProcAddress(“glBufferRegionEnabledEXT”);

I tried it on:
a TNT w/ drivers 6.31
a TNT2 w/ drivers 6.18

If it’s not the string, then what can it be?

Get rid of the EXT in the names and it should work.

  • Matt

Thanx Matt