NSOpenGLView vs Custom View

Under Tiger, Apple seemed to promote the use of a custom view for rendering, rather than using NSOpenGLView. http://developer.apple.com/qa/qa2004/qa1167.html

Reading recent posts in this thread, I see a lot of people using NSOpenGLView. I went into Interface Builder, and found that double buffering is now available from the inspector for NSOpenGLView, contrary to the above document.

Should I be using custom views, or has NSOpenGLView been improved to the point that doing so is just re-implementing what has already been given to me?


All the reasons to do it yourself (threaded drawing in particular) still stand. That said, if you do decide that NSOpenGLView fits your bill, you should no longer need to override -initWithFrame:, the new power of IB is probably sufficient in that area.

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