I was wondering if there is a similar extension to NV_Texture_rectangle for ATI cards. I really don’t feel like wading through the entire registry.

Download and look for EXT_texture_rectangle

Thanks, but it looks like it’s only for Mac OSX. I need something for Windows.

If your card supports it, it shouldn’t matter. Try a quick test… create a context, make it current and check to see if it is supported either through the extensions string or by calling wglProcAddress with correct info. Extensions string is not 100% accurate as driver may support the extension though the hardware does not.

It’s not that my driver doesn’t report it. It’s not in glext.h. It isn’t even documented on sgi’s registry page.

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Could be it is still in the works, or they scrapped it altogether. I was just pointing you to the info.

There are a few ATI and nVidia guys who post in the advanced forum. Can’t remember who they are though. But, if you look at their email addresses you should be able to find them. Especially look at posts that are ATI specific. Anyway, email one of the ATI guys directly and ask them about the extension, they should have the best info about it and whether it is supported or will be in the future since it is in that pdf file.

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Actually, ehart is one. Check UserName=ehart

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And, looking at this extension and comparing to NV_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE looks very similar if not the same, so you can set the tokens yourself as defined within the the pdf. There is not a new function.

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Thanks for your help. I’ll try it out