Novice to OpenGL !

Hi ,

I am a newbie to OpenGL. I have a windows 95 machine with me. I am connecting
to SGI-IRIX through an X-server , MIX … Theres an already developed application
using OpenGL running on SGI. I am trying to run the same application through MIX
and it gives me following error -

>>Xlib: extension “GLX” missing on display “ip add of my win95”
>>Error : Could not find a visual that OpenGL likes.

/* XVisualInfo *vi; – This is made global */
int dbuf[] = {GLX_RGBA,
None };

/* Look for a visual that OpenGL is happy with… /
dpy = GDK_DISPLAY(); /
This will give us the current display */

vi = glXChooseVisual(dpy, DefaultScreen(dpy), dbuf);

This is the actual code related to OpenGL initialization. Now , exactly what code to
write and how to provide windows extension to this program , so that it works on
SGI as well as on Windows95 machine smoothly ?

Could you please help me out ?

Thank you very much.

From the MI/X FAQ:

Q: Does MI/X support openGL?
A: No.

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