not for beginner..pls need maxh's help

i dont know how to search topic .it seems usrually for a bbs.
i had seen a topic from maxh .that topic is about texture.and i want to find it .thanks for any help ,now i post my is not for beginner…
i hope you understand what i want to express .here i post image

here i do some describe.
there are two bridge.
one bridge in side a is THE A .
another bridge in side b is THE B .
we connect A and B.
so we get a map.
as you see .
my program goes wrong.
could you help me.
maxH had given me a good topic .
but i can’t find where it is.

any help for my projection?

“my program goes wrong” is not enough information, what is it mean’t to do?

Is this poetry?
It does have a certain beauty.

First of all I want to affirm. My English is really not very good.
This is a map. As you can see. Yes. Very strange. But is indeed a map.
I have one point to another point. For example, say, use the walk. I need to paint. My program is obviously an incorrect map.
You know what I mean?

Incidentally. I do not have time every day to get up at 4 am. And then study how to compile, how over-technical people.
My life is the law. I do not have time to spend a day on the issue. Please note that this point.

You know what I mean?

No. And this is the problem.

It isn’t like people don’t want to help. Well, some may not. But if you cannot effectively communicate with us as to the nature of the problem, there is nothing we can do.

Yes, your English isn’t very good. Thus far, your English seems insufficient for you to be able to explain what the problem actually is. And that makes it impossible for us to help you.

And then study how to compile, how over-technical people.

If you do not have the time to learn how to compile, how do you expect to be able to program something?

Programming is not easy; if you have been led to believe that it is, whomever said that is wrong. It will require a lot of effort on your part to learn how to program something. And part of that is learning how to compile, and learning a number of “over-technical” issues.

If you do not want to do this, perhaps you should consider a different hobby.

Alfonse Reinheart.
i dont like your tone.
how do you know who i am.
from my english level?
how funny it is.
you are not speak to a child you should know .
i think someone like you should know respect.
it seems you do not konw

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