Normals of triangles and display... ?

I have one triangular model but normals are not harmonized.

To display nicely, the normals of all triangles should be harmonized… But
If I don’t want to do any calculation, is there any way to display the model nicely regardless of the nomal vectors of triangles ?

In some viewers, I could simply display the model well of which triangles have different normal directions…

So, I am wondering how I can dispaly the triangular model that has different facing triangles…

What kind of tips should I use ?

Thank you.

There’s a section in the classic Zed3d by Sébastien Loisel. Just look through zed3d on a section on unifying edge order or something like that.

I’m not really sure if I understand your question correctly, but wouldn’t two-sided lighting with equal material properties for both front and back sides solve your problem? Of course you also have to turn off backface culling.