normal maps

Hey Guys.
Anybody has an example of a OBJ file with normal map?
I just don’t know how to use Blender to generate them myself,
and there are not much OBJ files with normal maps on the web…


Normal maps, as the name suggests, are textures. Obj files store meshes. Mesh files do not store texture data. They may store references to textures (the filename of a texture), but not the texture itself.

I understand perfectly well that OBJ file does not contain a normal map… I’m not so much of a noob… :slight_smile:
What I meant is two files:

  1. OBJ file representing a mesh model…
  2. Aproppriate normal map for it. A texture containing the normals of the surface encoded as RGB values, so I might use these normals when I apply the lighting equation…


Try this one.

Open the OBJ file in some modeling program (like blender), isolate one object that contains a normal map (like the ground plane) and save that object.

It should be noted that .obj files cannot (as far as I can tell) store the tangent-space basis necessary for doing tangent-space bump mapping.

Yes, that is right. I use this library in order to read .objs and compute tangents and binormals. It is easy to use and it is able to import various commons formats.