Normal Calculation Issue

Hello everyone,

I’m attempting to calculate the normal for a given triangle and I’m having an issue. My normal point just seems off, instead of being in the center of the triangle and 1.0f distance away from the triangle in the direction it is facing, it is lying right on the triangle very close to one of the points. I have a picture below, the red point is the normal point, the yellow points are the 2 vectors (b-a, c-a).

and I also have the code I’m using to calculate the normal at the next url

I can’t seem to get this to work =( Any help / sudgestions are GREATLY apretiated.

Thank You!!


A normal does not have a starting position itself. It is a vector represented as 3 coordinates, x, y, z. The length of the normal is 1 and the distance from the 0, 0, 0 to x, y, z, is its length.

Once you have calculted the normal you neeed to work out the centre of the tringle and drwn a line from the centre to the centre + normal- thats how I do it.