[Noob] PFN_vkCreateWin32SurfaceKHR not avaibale

I know this might be some setup issue but I keep getting the PFN_vkCreateWin32SurfaceKHR as undefined. Along with VkWin32SurfaceCreateInfoKHR.
The solution is set to x64 Debug so from what I understand the vulkan header does not load vulkan_win32.h . When I include it manually the struct and the function type are recognized, but then i got some other error related to MSVCRT.lib using SDL

To get the platform specific types/function prototypes you must define one or more of the VK_USE_PLATFORM_* macros, specifically for windows VK_USE_PLATFORM_WIN32_KHR. For example:

#include <vulkan.h>

I assume you know about enabling the relevant extensions in order to make use of the platform presentation functionality.

Yeah adding that to the GLFW project worked, along with adding the VK_KHR_win32_surface extension.
But the SDL Project just keeps giving me a linker error

on the microsoft help page as one of the reason it says:

You attempt to link 64-bit libraries to 32-bit code, or 32-bit libraries to 64-bit code

Libraries and object files linked to your code must be compiled for the same architecture as your code. Make sure the libraries your project references are compiled for the same architecture as your project. Make sure the /LIBPATH or Additional Library Directories property points to libraries built for the correct architecture.
so I removed the include of SDL and that error code went away.

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