Noob OpenGL ES Android Question


I'm just getting my headround using OpenGL ES for Android... I'm wanting to use it for 2d graphics so have a produced a simple example program which puts a square on the screen with a texture on it... After a long time I got this to work fine but I'm having problems understanding how to know where like the screen edges are if that makes any sense?

So I draw the texture in the middle of the screen, but as I see I’m moving in 3d space, how can I know where the edge of the screen is? I obviously need to know this for 2d games. So if you’ve got a square with 4 points in 3d space, if I moved the square, how would I know when it hits the edge of the screen? Or indeed the dimensions of the screen reltive to the squares position?

Thanks a lot, I hope that makes sense.

Mind me asking how you put a texture on the square? I can draw all sorts of shapes but cant figure out how to draw textures yet.

Sorry for being of no assistance to you with your problem. :? :?

Blimey hehe, this seems like years ago when I did this… Quick questions, are you using Android and are you making a 2d game? As I found a much better way of doing things… Where you can basicly just churn out 2d images.


so for 2d Games ur using usual SurfaceView and not GLSurfaceView?

I’m interested in figuring out the textures too… I’m new to the programs and struggling :? hopefully it wont be too hard to get it together for my first project.

The link you supplied doesn’t seem to work.

I would like to create game in opengl on Android, but I don’t know how. I can make an application on Android, so I am not noob :smiley: Can you give me a link to tutorial: how can I make a 3d game in OpenGl? I read a jayway tutorial but it isn’t about making games.

There’s lot of great docs at:

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