Non-power-of-two 3D textures

On my Radeon x800 the non-power-of-two 3d texture (e.g. dimension 18 texels) needs several seconds to draw, while a texture with dimension of 256 texels draws instantaneously. I am using GLSL to access the texture for each fragment, that is why I’m posting here (maybe a problem of GLSL then?). The 1D and 2D textures make no problem even if not power of 2. Does it get any better with non-power-of-two 3D textures on newer cards?

As far as I know, none from current ATI cards has full support for NPOT textures. Even the 2d NPOT textures are supported in HW only if the clamp mode and no mipmaps are used. If the unsupported texture is used, the driver has to use sw emulation.

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