Non OpenGL - Where can I get skybox bmps for a space game

I apologise for this, but I have read the postings on skyboxes and want to try them out for my game. Does anyone know where I can get 6 .bmp/.jpg files which make a skybox of space?

As I am not graphically minded/capable, telling me about bryce would be a waste of time!

I am curious to try the idea out, and the examples I have found so far, have all use WRL file format…

dd is bound to have a few.

  • Tom

Thanks for that …about to try them right now!!

The wadfather has loads! I use terregen to make my sky boxes. It is very easy actualy, no artistic skills required at all. Here is what I do: click generate terrain, add snow to the tops, rock a little lower and then some different grasses, choose an atmospher with the apropriate clouds tec. maybe fiddle with the water or sun setting a little and the click on render. It only takes a few minutes to make and design the world but to make a sky box there is several hours of rendering involved.
The (one) cool thing about making your own sky boxes is that you can keep the same terrain and make different versions for winter, summewr, fall, spring, night, day, dawn, dusk etc. Good for storylines and things.

Using terragen for skyboxes is a great idea !
But how to you generate a cube map with TG ? Maybe an option i missed ?
Thanks for giving more details !

I’ll be frequenting that sight . Thanks!!!

That site caused IE to bomb.

Also the guns loading was pretty annoying, especially since the sound continued even after IE died.

Any functional sites with similar content?