non GL (sorry) but C++: How to get Screenresolution

Can anybody tell me, how to get the screenresolution setting ?

By the way, does anybody know how to put GFX
in front of the screen outside a GL window ?
Infront of Quake 3 without beeing the foreground app ?

Whatever, thanks


Under windows, the standard function is : ChangeDisplaySettings. Personnaly for my fullscreen apps I prefer to use GLUT : the func’s name is glutGameMode.

Hope this helps

…or GLFW. The function for getting window/screen size is: glfwGetWindowSize().

GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXFULLSCREEN); and

and, i think if you want to place something in the foreground, what will be partialy transparent, you have to use layers(fast way) OR access the framebuffer and copy each time it changes,
but if you want to ‘hack’ q3, simply write a opengl dll, which work like a pipe: passes all commands directly except the swapbuffers command, here you can draw your stuff before swapping …

Thanks for your help !

more info:

I’m not going to make an Q3 Hack but an ANTIHACK.

There are some Q3 Aimbots outside there that use Pixelsearch for color and then simulate auto Mousemovement, other named aiming.

So my project is a app, that kicks this aimbot or confuse them plotting pixel all over the screen in all colors, random. So the bot shoots at points that are by my program and not by Q3 !

No Cheater would install that, but I 'll use it on LAN.

Thanks anyway, don’t tell anyone