Nokia N-Gage OpenGL

does Nokia N-Gage support Opengl ES? does anybody know?

No, although there may be some software support possible.

The N-gage is a Symbian Series 60 platform from Nokia.

Basically the graphics capability is a display blit and whatever you can code in ARM assembly. Now you look at something like OpenGL|ES and you can see that various interested parties are working on ARM implementations (in software) with support for fixed point transforms etc but the most interesting stuff is really in the dual core OMAP software implementations. In the short term for an ARM only 3D renderer OpenGL may not be the best way to go on Series 60. You really want a very application or title specific transform and rasterization library on that platform that might use span sorting & other cool algorithms based on your needs to implement an ARM optimized crude graphics library.

Now there are other issues, like portability and abstraction, but if it’s raw n-guage performance you need a fast software engine is the trick, if it’s series 60 + a bunch of other platforms then OpenGL offers you portability, but you should use it as efficiently at an application level as possible.

3D Graphics on mobile phones is still not built-in but just an added engine at application level.
What if I want to use a 100% software implementation OpenGL ES? where can I download it and use it in my mobile 3d application?

This has just been posted to the front page:

Implementatiosn are still kinda thin on the ground AFAIK and may continue to be commercial.

Gerbera is the software implementation of OpenGL ES and Mobile 3D API for wireless platforms from finnish company Hybrid

hybrid make a software OpenGL ES implementation, it’s called Gerbera. My cat is called fluffy.