Node Hierarchy - concatenating matrices

Hi all,

we’re trying to load a node hierarchy, but we don’t know how to combine the different transformations (translation - rotation - scale) in COLLADA standard. Does anyone have already succeeded with this ?

Here is a very simple example. There is one node with a single child node.

Thank you,


<node id="Box03p-node" name="Box03p" type="NODE">
        <translate>35.066 7.13668 13.2857</translate>
        <rotate>1 0 0 -15.0428</rotate>
        <scale>1 1 2.93654</scale>
        <node id="Box03p-node_PIVOT" name="Box03p_PIVOT" type="NODE">
          <translate>-2.17809 -3.44394 -5</translate>
          <instance_geometry url="#Box01p-mesh">
                <instance_material symbol="AAvar_Tmod" target="#AAvar_Tmod">
                  <bind_vertex_input semantic="CHANNEL1" input_semantic="TEXCOORD" input_set="1"/>

Convert each transform to a matrix and post-multiply. For the first node in your example, convert the translate, rotate, and scale to transform matrices T, R, and S, and the node’s local transform is then TRS.

Thank you, it’s working now :smiley: