No vertex/fragment shaders at ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility?

Hi Folks,
my notebook is ATI Radeon 9000 Mobility powered. If i try to run any of the Cg example shaders i get an error message informing me that GL_ARB_vertex_program is not supported.
Is there a way to emulate vertex/fragment programs? (let the cpu do the work?)

Strange thing is, ATI announced on 08/29/02 at that radeon 9000 mobility support vertex and fragment shaders - but why can’t i use them?

Please let me know if you have some informations.
Thanks in advance,

First, you’ll have the answer to your question :

Are you mentionning this extension : ?

and this one :

I think that you’re confused with the “GL_ARB_vertex_program” with “GL_ARB_vertex_shader” and “GL_ARB_fragment_program” with “GL_ARB_fragment_shader”.

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Yeah it sucks doesn’t it. I bought a laptop with the radeon 9000 at the beginning of the summer, only to find out that the 9600 was coming out a month later WITH fragment program support.

But yeah, the 9000 supports fragment “shader” meaning you can call some ATI extension functions to do fragment shading, but you can’t actually write the assembly like code to write your own pixel shader. Now if you switched to DirectX you could with 8.1, but that’s if you have a year to learn the stupid syntax.

I’m just gonna wait for the next series of laptop graphics cards from ATI to come out and then get another laptop then. Plus at this point you can now swap out the laptop graphics card for a new one, they made it just like a PC!!!