No VAR on GeForce2 MX PCI?? :(


i just bought a GeForce2MX (PCI Bus version)
for testing purposes and i was surprising to see that VertexArrayRange were not available on this board (out of memory for the VAR?)

Well, i think it’s a really bad thing coz VAR for static vertex data purposes should be a ‘BIG’ help on small (or old) systems with previous CPU generations…

Did i miss something?? or is it reality??
(i’ve tested this PCI board with Detonator3 drivers)

I haven’t tried VAR on the PCI version, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t work.

Are you trying to allocate video memory (ie priority=1.0f), as I’d imagine allocating AGP memory on a PCI board wouldn’t work, but that video memory would.

You can’t allocate AGP memory for a PCI card. You should, however, be able to allocate on-card VRAM memory (unless there’s some gnarl with the MX that hasn’t been well documented). Even so, regular malloc()-ed memory also runs faster if you call VertexArrayNV() on it; it doesn’t HAVE to come from AllocateMemoryNV().

Ok guys!! thx for the help it works now