No Specular light :(

I have a huge problem

I’m working on a nice 3D Engine but my light class doesn’t work the way I want to the specular light disapear when I use a spot light… everything works… even if I only have specular light on the spotlight it shines a bit… but in my old Engine the I got the specular to shine bright white… why can’t I get that now? even though I use the same setup of the lights/materials and so?

I have the specular on the spotlight set to 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f, 1.0f and the GL_SHININESS is 128…


I’d say your new engine uses textures and the previous one didn’t. The trouble is, typically the lighting gets modulated with you texture color, including specular. So even if you have a bright white specular, if you slam a red texture on top of it, the specular gets red too.

It can be fixed by enabling seperate specular color. I’ve never used it myself, but you should find it in opengl specs.


my new engine does not use textures yet… I only use the glMaterial stuff.