No red in fullscreen mode

I’ve just downloaded the basecode from NeHe and compiled it using Dev-c++. There were no problems compiling but when I run it in full screen mode there is no red.
The source is here .

My system is:
256M ram
TNT2 16M video ram
Compiled using dev-c++ version 4 and SDL


I have had similar problems when trying a program on an IBM Thinkpad (it was so slow, so I think it was using the MS SW OpenGL implementation). I think this is a problem with the OpenGL driver, but I do not know what it is. I would be glad to find out what the reason is - perhaps it can be worked around somehow?

I think it is not the driver. I cannot offer solution except to say that on my system

Celeron 900Mhz,
Intel graphics adapter (32MB RAM)

with Borland C++ compiler everything works fine. What about 24bit color modes? I assume you are using 16bit…

Now it works. I just changed it to 24bit color mode.
Hmm… why does it work in 24bit but not 16?