No OpenGL with GeForce 256

I just bought an ELSA Erazor X (32MB GeForce 256) as an “upgrade” from my Diamond Viper 550 (16MB TNT), but now I have no OpenGL. Specifically, I know that it doesn’t work in Half-Life, Quake 3, and Worldcraft (A HL map editor which only supports OpenGL for its 3D viewing.)

I’ve downloaded the newest drivers and BIOS for my graphics card, run GLSetup, even downloaded new drivers for my monitor and a new CPU BIOS, nothing helps. Direct 3D works fine (as it seems to for everyone else w/ similar problems), but without OpenGL I can’t run either Quake 3 or Worldcraft.

Anyone have a solution? I Emailed ELSA about a week ago but haven’t heard back yet.

Did you formatted your hard-drive?