No future for Cg ?

Interesting interview with David Kirk.

It looks like NVidia will drop Cg support in the future.

Kirk never said that. He said that they wont be focusing quite as much on Cg on windows and directx. Now windows/linux and opengl is a different story.


Or even Windows and OpenGL. The strength is in CGFX and how well it can fit in your content pipeline.

As shaders get more complex, being able to integrate them into your pipeline gets even more complex.

We’ll see how RenderMonkey evolves too.

David Kirk said:
Now that doesn’t mean that we’re going to abandon Cg, there are other platforms that Microsoft does not support: OpenGL and non-Windows platforms, and also the professional workstation and content creation markets. There are a number of tools that have integrated Cg and we’ll continue to support those people and their markets.

What part of this very clear statement lifted directly from that interview don’t you understand?

i’m interested. cg will stop being much further supported for dx. it will continue for opengl… with glslang, what OTHER things remain for cg? glide?

no, really. once gl has its own language, and dx yet has its own, there is no place cg can move to. it eighter stais where it is, as concurence against glslang AND hlsl, or it dies.

the only good thing of cg is, that it works for both dx and gl. anyone who needs THAT needs cg. anyone else will not need cg anymore with glslang and hlsl.

thats my opinion…

I think we have to rememeber what was said at the lauch of Cg. It was described as being the C for graphics, the future for GPU programming, a lot of companies will be moving to Cg, etc etc.

I think that MS’s HLSL is making them (Nvidia) shy.

I’m responding to the article where it says
>>>>in the long term we don’t really want to be in the programming language business <<<

Basically, they changed their minds based on the current events.

yeah… and newest event is, they create soundcards…

gpu’s aren’t their main target anymore as well, they stated… could that have to do with newest events eighter? no… nv30 and friends are just fine, working well… hehe…

Originally posted by davepermen:
yeah… and newest event is, they create soundcards…

Note that this could allow them to develop OpenML-compliant drivers