Im helping run an anti-cheat league website for a group of individuals who play Medal Of Honour:Allied Assault and are fed up with not knowing if the other clan is cheating or not. (

recently screenshots were obtained of what looked like a player cheating with no-fog. This gives the player an extremely unfair advantage:
this is what you should see as fog
this is with no-fog

We awarded the non-cheating team winning points by default since the other team cheated but they got the hump over it, saying that player has a very old graphics card which cant render fog! what we need is some backup that this is not possible because opengl renders fog to some extent on all cards, and medal of honour onlyt runs on opengl?

I think MOHAA requires a 3d card with atleast 16MB of video ram.

All those cards fully support fog in OpenGL and DirectX.

thank you

To catch out a cheat try running a server scan using a program called DELATOR. You could obtain this from the following site:

Youscan the server for most cheats and skins, then you name and shame all the cheats.


maybe they changed it, but the Q3 engine (which is what MOH:AA uses) doesn’t use OpenGL’s fog
however, it still works in every kind of card
it may look worse on old cards, but the scene would still be fogged

to make it short: he’s cheating