nga_w32.dll missing (?)

Anytime i start a OpenGl (ie: Mohaa, NWN)game i get this message:
Unable to load nga_w32dll!

I can run stuff like Morrowind fine with no probs. I have the latest Dentonator drivers for my card and the latest direct X. It only seems to do this on Open GL software. just built the machine yesterday Does anyone have this file or know what it does cause its not on my system at all.
Athalon 1800XP
256meg DDR
Geforce 4 MX 440

I finally fixed my problem. I installed the Opengl 1.1 drivers.I removed the Nvidia drivers. Set my Display Adapter to Standard VGA. Rebooted a few times. Installed the Nvidia drivers and all the OpenGL games run perfect. And still that file doesnt exsist anywhere… who knows must be part of the OpenGL library or something.

What do you mean by OpenGL 1.1, the Windows driver? Where did you get it from?