Newest GPU: NVIDIA 6800 Ultra , link in message to find out all about it..

this is just in case those of you havent looked at the whole description or the benchmarks.

if you built your own box and want one of these mammoths you might have to reconsider your design as it need 2 power connectors but surprisingly only one slot. however one can assume that the AGP and PCI slot will both be used/covered up. along with 222 million transistors and a recommended 480 power supply for the best results makes this $600(estimated) a bang for the buck for the only the elite hardcore gamers. hey at least it takes advantage of the vertex and pixel shaders 3.0 :slight_smile:

Damn. I thought I was covering all my bases when I had a 430W put in my machine when I built it about a year ago.

Don’t be too quick to upgrade… this baby’s looking alot like the GeForce FX 5800 with Leaf Blower™ force.

Nice piece of hardware, no doubt and about time too.

Unfortunatly I dont give a damn about benchmarks (remember there are lies, damn lies & benchmarks). I have read other reports where that thing is far from beeing twice as fast as the 9800XT (which BTW is now 1/2 year old) so excuse me if I dont drop my panties.

The only good thing IMHO about it is: It will bring the prices down.

Originally posted by <qwerty77>:
It will bring the prices down.
For GPU’s and PSU’s I want to add :smiley: