newest direct3d drivers for Geforce2MX 200 32meg

i need the newest drivers for my card, i got detonator 12 beta and opengl is fine but in direct3d games like Midtown madness and Giants citezen kabuto textures stretch and flicker on and off and there are major clipping problems. in Giants if im looking in the direction of the sun its fine, but if i look in the opposite direction i can see things behind the mountians and trees so i walk and bump into things, and when im talkin about game, i got the demo where u can play as a ssea reaper(chick witch). in midtown madness it always does it every way i turn. does any one else have this problem? i know its areally new card but there have got to be some newer drivers for it out there somewhere. i have p2 333 64megs of ram, i can play giants at 1024x768 32bit with everything on and i can snipe run and move sooooooo smoothly, its amazing!! anyway thanx for all ure help.

Try to use the drivers you got with your card, or other official drivers (like the NVIDIA reference).