newell's teapot

i’m trying to write a ray tracer in openGL, and i was wondering if anyone here can post a link to a triangle data file for newell’s teapot.

thanks in advance.

So you want to program a raytracer in opengl? How is that done?

well, it doesn’t really have to be in opengl, but i needed a way to output images pixel by pixel onto the screen. opengl’s prolly the best and easiest way to do so, with glDrawPixel.

as for the ray tracing, just plug in the equations to intersect spheres and triangles, apply the lighting formulae, and you got yourself a ray traced image.

i just need a model to ray trace, but i’m dont know much on how 3d model formats are stored, so i was hoping for a raw data file of surface triangle vertices…

otherwise, if anyone can post links to how to parse popular 3d model file formats, i’d appreciate that too.


Have a look at Steve Baker’s Teapot FAQ


After all, ATI has a contributor here!!! Cool.

Hi Jason… :wink:

The Bezier patches data is freely available in the glut_teapot.c source code of the GLUT library implementation.

>After all, ATI has a contributor here!!! Cool.

I’m not the only one. Dave Gosselin and Dan Ginsburg are here as well.


And somebody on the advanced board stated ati would have bad service.