Newbie: WIll installing OpenGL drivers interfere with the Nvidia Drivers?


I am just getting into game design (at a truly advanced age) and I am interested in loading OpenGL drivers for an Asteroids game that I want to compile. However, I went through a lot of trouble to install my Nvidia drivers and I don’t want to destroy my current display system. I want to make sure that if I load OpenGL drivers that they will not interfere with the Nvidia display drivers. That would be bad.

I’m running Fedora 21.

Thank You

You appear to be using the words “load” and “install” interchangably. What exactely are you trying to accomplish? Are you talking about installing
drivers on the system, or about an application loading entry points from the driver?

You said you installed nvidia (proprietary?) drivers. The proprietary nvidia drivers include a that implements the OpenGL® and GLX API.
There is no need to install anything in addition (especially the Mesa libGL that would conflict with the nvidia libGL).