Newbie Question...

I am just entering the realm of openGL so this question may be obvious to some. Can I generate graphical objects using only openGL or do I need to create them in another program and manipulate them with openGL? Also, what would be some good recommendations for reading/reference material for openGL programming/game programming?
To any and all who respond to this, Thanks.

You can make models in one of 2 ways. First you can do it stictly with OpenGL. But this way is VERY slow, and very slow running. The better way is to use a program like MilkShape, or Clayworks, or 3D Max to build your models visualy, then export them to a file you can convert to something usable.

For your second question buy the book, OpenGL Super Bible, its blue and white, and has Jets on the front. The BEST opengl book in print. Also there are some greate sights only line that have great tutorials, go to google and search for NEHE, he has some greate stuff. Good luck.

U can create primitive shapes in OpenGL, but Y bother when a simple and free tool like anim8or exists to make it easy to create a mesh, export it as a 3DS file, and use a mesh decoding program like Display3DS to display the mesh.

Does Mesh3DS work with non MFC projects?

As mentioned in the Advanced forum… no.

Mesh3DS is for MFC compliant Visual C++ programs.