newbie question: what is good online tutorials on opengl/mesa/glut?

I’m a newbie on OpenGL/Mesa/glut, though I’m good at C/C++ programming on Linux. So will anyone give me good references to online tutorial on OpenGL/Mesa/glut stuff with several example program sources easily compilable? As far as I searched, I could find some only with some sources with aux.h or gltk.h, which aren’t available on my linux box (probably those headers are obsolete?) Books look expensive, and I want to download or copy&paste source files to test, so online tutorial or references are preferable.

I use NVIDIA’s kernel driver for glx, and installed Mesa/glut/etc and can compile and run applications such as flightgear in direct rendering mode (glxgears as a matter of course), so I think I have enough environment (using Gentoo with P4.)

Thanks in advance!

Check for Nehe’s tutorials, they are well known and well appreciated.

Thanks. It looks fine with several versions of ready-to-compile examples (which are necessary until I’m accustomed to it.) I’ll give it a try and when I need extra request or question I’ll post :slight_smile: