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how do i specify to the kernal which vid card i am using (GF2MX). also i have glade and anjuta, i try to build some glade GUI stuff but it says this :“error running glade-- to generate c++ code Check that you have glade-- installed and that it is in your path” i went to my bash_profile and inserted the usr/bin where the glade app is set, i need help (new to linux) when i try and run anjuta and build an new project it says that i do not have it installed in my box. but i do, when i installed the system it was installed with, help!

GF2MX is an Nvidia card. For help with setting up Nvidia cards, visit Nvidia’s homepage (

For help with glade, visit glade’s homepage (

I’ve never heard of anjuta before.

  • GFmx in the kernel <-- it do not depend of the kernel (unless you want to have access to framebuffering in console) It depends of Xfree Servers. Since Nvidia developps its own drivers for linux, you’ll find them on their website, with the instructions how to install it (not by default on most of linux distro)

  • to see what your path is :
    #> echo $PATH
    will show you your path

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