Newbie Q: Where to download OpenGL SDK

Hello All,

I am newbie to OpenGL.
Can someone let me know the place where i can download the OpenGL library or SDK ?

All the links are dead except one which asks for login/password in the following site

thanks in advance

The OpenGL drivers/dlls are included with the install of your video card drivers.

If you are programming, you can have a look at

And the wiki page explaining how to start with opengl :


I’m new to these forums, but have been coding in OpenGL (in Delphi) a few months now. Since discovering the latest graphics card drivers support version 2.1, I’ve been looking for a Delphi or C++ header file to give access to the complete set of OpenGL 2,1 functions, types and constants.

I’ve seen this

which states “If you will be programming for Windows, typically compilers comes with a standard OpenGL 1.1 .h and .lib”. This is certainly true but I cannot find a 2.1 gl.h anywhere. The best my brother and I have managed is dl’ing the Mesa gl.h which supports OpenGL up to 1.3, and converting it to a Delphi .pas file.

Could someone tell us where to find OpenGL v2.1 header files? In the meantime we will post our Delphi conversion soon, or perhaps wait if there exists a better version we could convert.

Many thanks


Please read the link ZbuffeR provided! On Windows, functions >GL1.1 are accesed using dynamic binding; for pascal, numerous OpenGL bindings exist, just google.

For getting started from zero i still recommend:

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