Newbie looking for Tutorials

Never mention QT! I am going insane because of the Opengl overlays supporting on QT.

Sorry hujieyc. Under no circumstances will I mention Qt again. I fully understand that the subject of Qt is a painful one for you, and from now on the text “Qt” will not pass from my keyboard. No more Qt. Qt is now unmentionable. Qt? What Qt?


marcus256: Thanks for those links, I didn’t know them all yet

zen: Yes, I’ve got a copy of that manual, but I still think X is a bitch compared to win32
(I do not say win32 is good btw)

hmmm, since we’re talking about X, does anyone have a clue as to how I can let the windowmanager know certain things about my window.Like that I don’t want it to be resizable ,closable(via x button), minimizable or whatever?I assume it’s done via ICC and the class resource but at this point the manual really sucks(or do I?).

[edit]:no it seems that the CLASS atom has nothing to do with it.How is it done then?OverrideRedirect doesn’t help as it bypasses the windowmanager completely.

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