(newbie) Linux/Windows compatibility

Okay, it seems as though most OGL stuff will work in both Windows and Linux, but how compatible are the two? I’m just beginning coding, and I want to use OpenGL for a program for school. Our school computers all run Windows, but I use Linux at home. How much code will I have to change so that it will work both at home and at school?

If you use Glut for your windowing, you shouldn’t have to change anything. I had an openGL class a term or two ago and I would write the programs on my laptop (running linux) and then they would work fine at school on windows computers.

Hi !

All the OpenGL code is identical, same for GLU, there are of course some differences in the hookup to the window and mouse input and so on.

But GLUT is one choice, SDL is another one, both of theese two will give you could platform independece, I think SDL is a better choice if you are going for games and so on as it has at least basic “platform indepent” support for sound and a few other things to, but check them out yourself.

Another choice if you want more GUI stuff is to use a platform inddependent widget library with OpenGL support (Qt, check license though, FLTK, FOX, GTK? and so on)



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