newbie: disappearing lites/objects? indeed!

hi everyone-

we’re working for the first time in opengl, putting together a 3d office environment. we’ve overcome a few obstacles so far - lighting w/ texture maps, crazy nested transformations, etc. - but we’re getting some strange behavior:

we’re working on windows (ick!), with both the windows lib and glut lib.

using glut, when we start our program, things (generally) look nice. the first time the display gets updated, things change - lights disappear, colors change, etc. i thought that it might be part of my init() function that doesn’t get re-executed… but i can’t quite figure it out. any ideas?

using windows, some of the stuff we create disappears almost immediately after it appears on the screen. for example, we have a chair and two bookshelves in the office. the chair appears and stays, but the bookshelves disappear after a seemingly random amount of time. anyone encountered anything like this before?

thanks very much in advance for your help!

Would have to see your code, in order to know what you are doing wrong.

You can post it here.

yeah, I had similar problems in an app I was doing. I had lights initially on, but then in the code somwhere after my lights were defined, I called a Disable(GL_LIGHTING). Then when the screen was redrawn, lights were off. I like to make sure anwhere I use lights I have a glEnable before it and then a glDisable after it.