Newbie: Best way to do it question...

I just started taking a class on computer graphics and I have a project to do where I have to draw lines using Cartesian coordinates, polar and parametric methods. I need to get input from the user as far as which method to use and possibly line angles and such. What would be the best approach to do this using OpenGL? I would rather not use Java…

Thanks in advance.

Use whatever language you want - personally I find Java fine, but that’s your decision!

What in particular are you asking about the best approach for?

  1. Receiving input from the user?

  2. Parsing user input?

  3. Mathematical conversions between coordinate systems?

  4. Curve-drawing?

  5. General program structure?

OpenGL is a graphics only API, for input you will need to use some other API.

Example under windows you may want to open a dialog box to get user input.

There are also some open source library for opening a dialog box also out there.

You can use C/C++ write the program, there are examples out there for geting user input from a dialog box.

If you do not already have access to Visual C++, DEV-C is a free C/C++ compiler that works well with openGL.

Links on my website.

A simple google search should turn up the math routines needed to do any conversion.